15s Hospital Exit Kit and Bathrobe Set


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Personalized 10’s Organic Hospital
Baby Bathrobe Set

product content:
Printed 80×90 Blanket
Printed 30×40 pillow case
Printed baby jumpsuit
Printed long sleeve under-top suit
Short sleeve zibin
Printed apron
Mouth Gland
Note: There may be a tone difference between 10%-20% between RGB Display colors and fabric Decals. The color difference between RGB and fabric Decals is not always the same.

Product Feature:
The printing of our GOTS Certified (GLOBAL ORGANIC TEXTILE STANDARD) Products is antibacterial and antiallergic. It does not contain any chemicals (carcinogenic substances).

Washing Conditions:
Wash your products at 30 degrees in a reverse washing machine and use the sensitive washing function of your washing machine.
We recommend using liquid baby detergent, without using stain remover and bleach.
Do a low-speed tightening. Do not dry in the dryer.
Iron it backwards.


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